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Where it began...
My late husband, David, and I bought this property in 2001. He ran his business out of what was Rick's Deli, and he was renovating the larger portion of the building to become our living space. David got sick and was not able to finish the work. After spending 5 months in ICU at Strong Memorial Hospital, I lost him. The only way I could cope was to stay busy every waking minute. David patiently taught me a lot about home improvement. Also, a big thank you to YouTube 'cuz you can learn anything! My family and friends also helped me in so many ways.
I finished the living space and renovated the office, adding a bathroom. Having no luck renting the space, a friend suggested that I open my own store. So here I am. I continue to stay busy, which, for me is wonderful therapy. I believe David sees it all and I continue to share everything with him.
This picture is of the entrance to the store. David's smile will be the first thing you see when you walk in, and the last thing you see when you leave. And that is as it should be.